Monday, July 27, 2009

My top 10 favorite TV Show/OVA's of all time.

I know do allot of these top 10 list, but here I go.

1. X-Men (TV Series). If you are a hard die comic fan of the 1990’s X-men comics you need to see this show. It's just the best.

2. Tenchi Universe. Again here's my review.

3. Star Trek: TNG. If it were for the strong cast I would have put DS9 at number 3.

4. Star Trek: DS9. This show is one the most underrated sci-fi shows of all time.

5. The Wonder Years. The most regluar show on my list. I grew up with Kevin when this show first came on the air. That why I love this show so much. I just wish they would have DVD box set to all the seasons all ready.

6. Spawn. I wish they would finish the story line from the late 1990’s show. Can’t wait for the new show.

7. Mystery Science Theater 3000. When you talk about funny this show is bar done the funniest show I seen on TV. Also I specially love the shorts that they would make fun of. They are just priceless.

8. Voltron. I know this is base off of Go Lion anime, but I think of Voltron has more of american type of show because they change so much of the show that came from Japan. That's why I didn't put this show on my top 20 favorite anime of all time.

9. Tenchi Muyo. Again the new Muyo Esp. that came in 2003 are only OK. I would recommend that you want the old DVD to Muyo. The one's from 1992 show. That way you get some the best of Tenchi.

10. Jem. This story is about a all girl rock group that has lead singer that has secret holographic persona. This is another one of my guilty pressures. I need to by the box set the show when I get a chance.

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