Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My review of Silent Mobius.

This is about a future were the earth is mostly not livable thanks to Lucifer Hawk. They took over earth though another dimension called Nemesis. This problem has took earth to the brink of apocalypse. Their is team of the police in Tokyo called AMP that are they to fight the Lucifer Hawk.

This is made of women who have different powers and skills.

The thing about his show it is very good one. He has allot good characters in it. Kiddy has super strong. Lebia Maverick is a wiz on the computer.  Nami Yamigumo is Shinto priests and exorcists. Because of this she has magical powers. Yuki is a psychic. Mami Koyama  has magic has well. Rally Cheyenne is the head of AMP. She has power has well, but we don’t how she has her powers in till later in the show.

Last but on least I talk about Katsumi Liqueur. She has magical power and widens are a blade that give her power to destroy Lucifer Hawk. She got from her father Gigelf Liqueur. Who brought Lucifer here in the first place, but he was trying to save humanity and it when all wrong.

Her are my thoughts on this anime. I think it’s really good. I know some people like this show because of women are very good looking and that why people like it. I like the story. They have single women from the AMP.

I first watch this the now anime unleashed (before it got cancel on G4) It kind of has the hero falling from grace and then comes back to be the hero again. I just wish they would have made a second season to Silent Mobius. I bought the DVD box set at Frys Elections. I hope more people go out their and buy it.

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