Sunday, June 21, 2009

I played Capcom Vs. Tatsunoko.

I played the game at my local gameworks a couple of days ago and I wasn't that good of a game. I been posting alot about this game on my blog site for awhile now and I been wanting to play this game and better be careful what I ask for because I got it. First of all the game is very easy to play. I was doing 10 to 13 hit combo right off the bat. I pretty average fighting player and I know I can do that many combos in any other game desides Killer instinct and that game is nothing but combos.

The game is really unblanced. You could beat it with Ryu if you wanted to. I played has Chi-li and Ken Washio. I wanted someone to take the game from me and start playing it and I had no takers. My brother play me and he stop playing after 10 minutes and he let me beat him.

I hope when this game comes out here that it's a 20 dollor game. I wouldn't pay a cent more for this game.

Next time Capcom try to parter with a anime company to do a fighting game try anime company like AIC or Clamp. Hell at this time I wouldn't even mind if you brought over Namco x Capcom to home console market in the United States. It only has four buttoms to play with has well. Every fighting game now days has at lest six buttoms.

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