Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Top ten opening theme songs in anime TV shows and OVA's.

1.Tenchi Muyoi Ryo-Ohki's Theme [Instrumental].

2.Maison Ikkoku Suki Sa. What can say I love 1980's pop music.

3.Gunsmith Cats Bulletproof. It's nice to see anime that in the United States and is done really well.

4. Utena Shoujou Kakumei Utena.

5. Trigun H.T.

6. Cowboys Bebop Tank. For some reason the Japanese can do good opening theme songs when they use jazz music.

7. Blue Seed Carnival Babel. What can I say the song grew on me the more I listen to it.

8. Tenchi Universe Tenchi Muyo! Don't the title of the song fool you Tenchi Universe and Tenchi are not the same show. Same charters but different show.

9. Big O TV. I Love this song for nothing more than ever time I hear it I think of Oscar Robertson. Thank would make such a sweet AMV.

10. Lupin the III (red Jacket) Intro.

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