Friday, July 18, 2008

This is a trailer for Watchmen.

I watched this Watchmen trailer before Batman the Dark Knight movie. This movie trailer of Watchmen look really good. I hope the movie turns out to be really good as will. I have read all of the Watchmen Comics about a month ago and now I'm a big fan of Watchmen.

One of my younger brothers did really care for the story that much. I don't why he thinks this is going to destroy comic book movies has we know it. It's a great work of art on it's own. It's also in the parallel universe in DC. So why do I care what happens in parallel universe in DC. I'm a big Marvel fan. DC will also be in number two in my book.

Also what else dose DC have after Batman and Superman. It's watchmen.

The tone and music for the trailer is a prefect 10 also.

P.S this movie better be rated R or I won't go see it.

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