Monday, July 21, 2008

I talk about why you should buy Patlabor 2: the movie.

Has far has the movies go Patlabor 2 the movie is the best of what Patlabor has to offer. I love the deep Political and social stuff in it. The song Unnatural City by Kenji Kawai ready kicks butt. Just the parts alone when Shinobu Nagumo and Yukihito Tsuge are talking to each other makes it a movie worth watching.

I know it came out in 1993, but the visuals are so good that you want to watch till the end.

It's also nice to see a Political anime that doesn’t have the United States has the main bad guy. It's hard to fines those animes now and days.

The first Patlabor movie was ok and third movie was a joke.

I hope people go out their and buy this movie.

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