Friday, April 4, 2008

Even more games that should be on the XBLA.


I think SNK need to step up the the plate and put this on XBLA.

Crystal Castles

The only thing I would also like with this game is if atari make a track ball that you could buy at the store.


I love Ranstan game so much. I didn't care for the second game to Ranstan. I though it was step down from the first game.


I know this has no shot in hell of making it on XBLA, but still nice to dream about it.


If they have Street Fighter II HF and MK III on XBLA why not Darkstalkers!!!

Rolling Thunder

This game need to get second life on XBLA.

Dragon's Lair

Who wouldn't want to play has Dirk the Daring on XBLA. It also one of the few I can beat with remote control.

Even though it on HD-DVD and can play with this game on a X-box 360 with an HD-DVD hard drive add on, but with HD-DVD going belly up who going to buy HD-DVD now to play Dragon's Lair.

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