Sunday, March 30, 2008

A review of Lupin the III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini.

This movie has all the regluar people you expect in lupin. The lupin the III master thieif. Jigen sharp shooter and lupin right hand man. Fujiko a women who would do anything for money. Goemon a master samurai. Also a part of lupin team. For course inspector zenigata here also. A man who has been chaseing lupin of years. Heck of almost 50 years.

This story start when a old enemy and he look like he's on his death bed. Give him half of the diamond of the twilight. Then he tells him that the other half of the diamond is in morocco and that he should go their and fine it and when he dose it opens a treasure of immeasurable value that is also in morocco. This of course is not going to be easy. He's ever step is being followed by Masked assassins,and a old enemy of Goemon whos part of the assassins. That happens even before he gets to morocco! When he gets their he's get's mix up with fighting factions who want control of morocco and don't belive in the old story's of the diamond of the twilight. To bad the other group of masked assassins do Belive it. To make matter worst zeigata is their also.

The thing I have to say about this anime is that it was made in 97. So it looks pretty good for the time it can out. Also their is realy good flash-back that shows what happens to the diamond and why it was spilt in half. That hole part is done in a movie style back in the 1920's. The hole movie has a feel of the north aftica and middle-east feel that we got in those old lawrence of Arabia movie's. Also fujiko is hot also in this one. She seem to be chaseing lupin, instead of it been the other way around. Warning, their is some nudity though. All in all it's 9 out of 10.

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