Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Suns get Shaq!

I know Shaq old, but you guys in internet land forget that Shawn Marion is 30 years old and he only one year left on his contract and he wants out of Phoenix. This trade would have been bad if STAT was in this trade, but he wasn't. If Shaq can stay healthy and that’s a big if I think he can help the Suns.

For the first time in his career he going to play with real point guard Nash. One that can put the ball in sweet spot for him to score. He also well have another big man STAT who really a PF anyway to take heat off of him. So I like the trade.

Did any one in internet land think the Suns were going to win it all before this trade happen?

Also the Suns get rid of Marcus Banks. I didn’t do much for the team.

The Suns were also trying to trade for Samuel Dalembert. I'm sorry but a 35 years Shaq is way better that Samuel Dalembert any day of the week.

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