Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is about X- Play's Adam Sessler on Fox news when they talked about Mass Effect.

When was the last time any news channel ever got it right when it comes to what the content inside a video games outside the video game media.

I think more people are making a bigger fuss because it's Fox news.

Heres a video that started this.

Like Adam Sessler said Geoff Keighley did a chance to set the record. Unlike most other news channels that wouldn't even have someone that covers video games even their in first place when they talk about video games.

Again I think Cooper Lawrence might be somewhat miss Guided but at least she has good intentions. Like protecting are kids form M rated video games. Unlike most liberals that put people down for playing video games if your over 15 years old.

Also what Adam Sessler didn’t say is that after the interview with Cooper Lawrence and Geoff Keighley is that they had a round table and two people on that round table they talked about how it up to the parents in what video games their kids play. I didn’t see Adam Sessler bring up that point.

Also what MLK day have to do with sky being blue. It’s just more Fox News hate.

One more point Adam Sessler. Have you ever watch any Fox News shows or do you just listen to the far left media say what Fox News is. If you haven’t. Your no better than Cooper Lawrence.

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