Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A review of Tenchi Universe.

To me this is what anime can and should be. It’s also allot easier to follow than Tenchi Muyo. Tenchi Muyo has allot of family with all the people in it and after that you have the new ova's to Tenchi Muyo and it can be a little much. Now you add all the people from Tenchi Muyo GXP. You can get really lost in all in it. I love Tenchi Muyo and took me awhile to get all the people in place and were the relate to Tenchi or not to Tenchi. Unlike Universe were it’s allot more streamline. Now let’s get into people are in Tenchi Universe.

It's start off with the last espiode first in first few minutes of the first Episode. Tenchi was talking to school thinking about all the Adventures he when though and then goes to the rest of the first episodes. Their you meet Ryoko and Mihoshi. Mihoshi is part of GXP and she is after Ryoko and their both crash land on plant earth. The space pirate Ryoko made Mihoshi look silly in that first episode. From that point forward Ayeka, a princess of Juri, Kiyone Mihoshi partner from GXP. Another reason why I like Universe over Muyo.) She not in Muyo. They give that name to Tenchi dead mother in Muyo. How dumb is that. Washu the Universe best mad science person. Sasami Ayeka little sister. She just a little girl and not fused with Tsunami the one of the three goddess of the universe in Tenchi Muyo. Now let’s get into a little bit of the story.

My favorite episodes of the show are Time and Space Adventures ones. Were Washu builds a machine that can’t make the reality of what you want. By the way all the girl in this show are all in love with Tenchi, expect for Kiyone. Of course Ryoko being the space pirate tries to seek Washu lab and used this machine to get what she wants, but has it turns out all the girls are their and they all mess with the machine and there are transported to different worlds. Expect of Washu. Into all these world made up of all the girls wishes and wants. One is a Ayeka world were they back in time of Japanese history were they had sho-guns run Japan. Another was Sasami world were she become at magical girl. That was perlute to Magic girl pretty Sammy. The last one is Ryoko world were Ryoko and Tenchi are bank robbers I.e. Bonnie and clyde. They even have allot of the 1920’s feel to it has well.

Another thing about the show is the music in it. The songs like Forevermore and Dimension of Love are really good. Just watch the last part of the when Tenchi walking to school and it’s so emotion for me. Love the show a hell of allot.

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