Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My favorite episodes of Paranoia Agent. Spoilers ahead.

I like this show for many reasons. Number one is the episode were that guy working for that animation studio and how he when though hell from his boss and how everyone start dropping like fly's and how Maromi talks about what happens in animation studio and what people do in that studio over their dead bodies. I also like when that guy gave video tape to the TV station were Maromi in that tape talking to that little kid telling him “To take a rest.” When you watch that in a normally cartoon you think nothing of it, but in a show like Paranoia Agent it has a all new meeting.

I also love the episode were the old ex-cop and retired robber were talk about how it use to talk about back in the day about life was seen though eye’s in terms of things that are in Black and White and their was no grey (Of course that the way you though it was and wasn‘t the case has well.) and he then end’s up in that every same world he always wanted to be in. Were everyone is 2-D and everything is black and white.

Great show overall. I just wish it had did better in the rating when it aired on Adult Swim. Heaven of bit we have a show on Adult Swim that make you think!!!!

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