Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dallas Cowboys are on the edge.

I don't about you but Cowboys better get it in gear and fast or their going to get upset in the second round in the playoffs. I mean I don't mind losing in a game that didn't matter at all to Dallas in the last game of the season, but it's the way they lost. 27 to 6. Give me a break. When Redskins were missing their star corner back we barely beat them at home a few week back but you flip it to now were Dallas missing Newman and we get are butts handed to us.

Don't give me that were was no T.O either. Dallas should have lost in the way they did. If they lost 20 to 27 I would be half is mad has I'm now. The one thing I can take with me is that Vikings lost Denver and wouldn't at all mattered what happen in the Cowboys VS Redskins.

Before today’s game I had Dallas chances to get to the Superbowl at 60%. Now is more like 35% if they play like that.

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