Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dallas Cowboys are on the edge.

I don't about you but Cowboys better get it in gear and fast or their going to get upset in the second round in the playoffs. I mean I don't mind losing in a game that didn't matter at all to Dallas in the last game of the season, but it's the way they lost. 27 to 6. Give me a break. When Redskins were missing their star corner back we barely beat them at home a few week back but you flip it to now were Dallas missing Newman and we get are butts handed to us.

Don't give me that were was no T.O either. Dallas should have lost in the way they did. If they lost 20 to 27 I would be half is mad has I'm now. The one thing I can take with me is that Vikings lost Denver and wouldn't at all mattered what happen in the Cowboys VS Redskins.

Before today’s game I had Dallas chances to get to the Superbowl at 60%. Now is more like 35% if they play like that.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A cool video about the up coming game Street Fighter IV.

I thank Game Videos for this insite into Street Fighter IV game that they bring to the masses. I don't agree with them saying Soul Calibur is better fight game though. All in all it's a good video.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Games I think that should be on the Wii's Virtual Console from the NES Part one.

The Guardian Legend

This game is a very sweet game indeed. It was so cool to play game back then were you had ground level you had to pass get to the boss level and when you got to the boss level you turn into a 2-D space ship.

Wizards & Warriors

This was the first video game I play on a console that let you continte from point were you died in the game. Talk about cool stuff. I was also the first game that made me feel like I was a real knight.

The Magic of Scheherazade

This not only needs to be on the Virtual Console. It also needs to have a squeal! This is first video game on a console were you can have a small army of trolls to fight on you side for a price. Talk about sweet. I always got to the last boss in this game and I never beat that boss. It still piss me off to this day.

Metal Gear

The one that started it all. Metal Gear is my favorite collection of video games of all time. I would pay at least 800 points on the Wii Virtual Console for this game.

River City Ransom

It's all about beating people up. Getting cool power-ups and doing all this all in the art style of Super Dodge Ball to just protect your turf.


This is good video game. From the opening music. To gameplay and you also have cool weapon. Shield that can kill people like a killer yo-yo. When I see a game like God of War I alaways think of Rygar and think to myself what could have been.


This one is a no brainier. I'm all most shock that it's not on the Virtual Console.

That's it for now. I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Games I think should be on X-Box 360 Live Arcade.

X-Men VS. Street Fighter.

This game was so sweet to play in the Arcades back in the 1990's. I play this on my Sega Saturn has well. It was the first time that they put a strong fighting game that had a history like Street Fighter and comic book like X-men into a video game and combine them together and did it right.

DIGITAL PINBALL Last Gladiators.

Don't let the Intro fool you. This is a very good pinball game. You can pick up to four pinball tables and they are Gladiators (My favorite pinball table in this game by far) ,Knight Of The Roses (A very solid pinball table),Dragon Showdown (My least favorite pinball in this game) and Warlock . This game is so fun I would re-buy the Sega Saturn again just to play DIGITAL PINBALL Last Gladiators.

Mr. Do.

I do love this is old game, but it still allot of fun and it's always nice to see the monsters that are after Mr. Do to get theirs in the end by smashing them with an apple.

Karate Champ.

Now when you talk about early fighting video games in the history of video games then Karate Champ. is it. It's a very simple game to play. It's one of those that is easy to play but hard to master.

UN Squadron.

What can say. This game is one of the best 2-D plane games that are out their. You can between three different plots and planes. The game very gets to easy or to hard.

This last one is a shot in the dark and has no chance in hell of coming to X-Box 360 Live Arcade but put it on my list anyway.

Cliff Hanger.

This is game that's uses clips from a very famous anime person and famous movie. The person goes by the Lupin the III and the movie is The Castle Of Cagliostro. They just change the names around when the this game came to the United States.

I going to put more video game post about what classic games should go on the XBLA and Wii Virtual Consoles.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My favorite episodes of Paranoia Agent. Spoilers ahead.

I like this show for many reasons. Number one is the episode were that guy working for that animation studio and how he when though hell from his boss and how everyone start dropping like fly's and how Maromi talks about what happens in animation studio and what people do in that studio over their dead bodies. I also like when that guy gave video tape to the TV station were Maromi in that tape talking to that little kid telling him “To take a rest.” When you watch that in a normally cartoon you think nothing of it, but in a show like Paranoia Agent it has a all new meeting.

I also love the episode were the old ex-cop and retired robber were talk about how it use to talk about back in the day about life was seen though eye’s in terms of things that are in Black and White and their was no grey (Of course that the way you though it was and wasn‘t the case has well.) and he then end’s up in that every same world he always wanted to be in. Were everyone is 2-D and everything is black and white.

Great show overall. I just wish it had did better in the rating when it aired on Adult Swim. Heaven of bit we have a show on Adult Swim that make you think!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A review of Tenchi Universe.

To me this is what anime can and should be. It’s also allot easier to follow than Tenchi Muyo. Tenchi Muyo has allot of family with all the people in it and after that you have the new ova's to Tenchi Muyo and it can be a little much. Now you add all the people from Tenchi Muyo GXP. You can get really lost in all in it. I love Tenchi Muyo and took me awhile to get all the people in place and were the relate to Tenchi or not to Tenchi. Unlike Universe were it’s allot more streamline. Now let’s get into people are in Tenchi Universe.

It's start off with the last espiode first in first few minutes of the first Episode. Tenchi was talking to school thinking about all the Adventures he when though and then goes to the rest of the first episodes. Their you meet Ryoko and Mihoshi. Mihoshi is part of GXP and she is after Ryoko and their both crash land on plant earth. The space pirate Ryoko made Mihoshi look silly in that first episode. From that point forward Ayeka, a princess of Juri, Kiyone Mihoshi partner from GXP. Another reason why I like Universe over Muyo.) She not in Muyo. They give that name to Tenchi dead mother in Muyo. How dumb is that. Washu the Universe best mad science person. Sasami Ayeka little sister. She just a little girl and not fused with Tsunami the one of the three goddess of the universe in Tenchi Muyo. Now let’s get into a little bit of the story.

My favorite episodes of the show are Time and Space Adventures ones. Were Washu builds a machine that can’t make the reality of what you want. By the way all the girl in this show are all in love with Tenchi, expect for Kiyone. Of course Ryoko being the space pirate tries to seek Washu lab and used this machine to get what she wants, but has it turns out all the girls are their and they all mess with the machine and there are transported to different worlds. Expect of Washu. Into all these world made up of all the girls wishes and wants. One is a Ayeka world were they back in time of Japanese history were they had sho-guns run Japan. Another was Sasami world were she become at magical girl. That was perlute to Magic girl pretty Sammy. The last one is Ryoko world were Ryoko and Tenchi are bank robbers I.e. Bonnie and clyde. They even have allot of the 1920’s feel to it has well.

Another thing about the show is the music in it. The songs like Forevermore and Dimension of Love are really good. Just watch the last part of the when Tenchi walking to school and it’s so emotion for me. Love the show a hell of allot.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part Thirteen.

This is last part of the History Final Fantasy Saga. I personally love the earlier FF games. Not so much the newer games, but still it's one of the most important RPGs in video game history. If it wasn't for Final Fantasy they might not be has big has a RPG market here in the United States. This is by GameTrailers.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part twelve.

Here's part 12 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy. Bought to you by Gametrailers.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part Eleven.

Here's part 11 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy. Bought to you by Gametrailers.