Saturday, November 3, 2007

What happen to Suns last year.

The Suns started last season 1-5. So I don't think the Suns have anything to worry about. Their bounce back from the lost to LA Lakers. I like how Spurs fans talked about about whining and crying the Suns fan did in last year playoff. We all know that Tim Duncan is the biggest cry baby in NBA. Every time he under the paint to try to he thinks he being fouled. I like Tim Duncan more off the court (He’s a great person and perfect role model of how NBA player should act like.) than I do on it.

Another thing if Kurt Thomas hip check Tim Duncan like that in last year playoffs and Tony Parker got off the bench to help this teammate and it cost you a chance to win another NBA title you would be just has mad has us Suns are about what happen in last years playoffs.

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