Saturday, November 10, 2007

A quick review of some my favorite podcasts.

Well some Anime Podcast are that hard to follow and some are not. I’ll break down the anime podcasts that I enjoy week in and week out that are listed on my blog.

Anime Pacific. This anime podcast has two guys run the show. One of them lives in HK China Dane and the other move back to Canada and his name is Alex, but Alex did live in Japan for a few years and Dane was born in the land down under. They talked about anime, but mostly about what happening in HK and other Asia Pacific stuff. I do have to warn you though the jokes that they do on the podcasts are sometimes 17+ to 18+ realm. It's all in good fun though.

ANIME WORLD ORDER PODCAST. These people know the ends and outs of anime. They know most of the people who made the anime they review and voice work they did from Japan! This one not for the middle of the road Otaku. Their a really good podcast though.
Their are three people that do this podcast. Two guys and a women that go by the name of Gerald, Clarissa and Daryl. They know their stuff. The main person show name is Daryl Surat. Sometimes they do reviews of some Yaoi or Hentai, but that's not to often.

Fast Karate for the Gentleman. Two the run show are Dave and Joel. A fun podcast that allot of funny jokes about the anime their watch. They also do jokes on TV shows, Movies and video games. This one real easy of podcast to get into.

Anime Pulse. This podcast is ok anime podcast. It's run by the two guy that go by the name of Ichigo and Batou. Ichigo really good at doing reviews but Batou always butts in ever time Ichigo is talking. That can get on your nerves after awhile. It's not bad podcat beside what I just said. They even talk about Bleach and one piece allot if your into that kind of anime.

Anime Round Table and Review. This podcast is really cool. They do a live show every Sunday. What also cool about this podcast is that you chat with them on your computer has their doing the show on

The Anime Roundtable. This is all Canadian podcast that mostly talked about anime. They also the official podcast of Anime North. It's nice to get anime perspective from another country. Also nice sounding voices in this podcast. They don't have one bad sounding voice in their podcast that allot of other podcast seem to have.

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