Monday, November 19, 2007

My top ten worst animes.

Now let do the worst anime list. Warning some spoilers in this.

Heres mine 1 though 10.

#1. Mazinkaiser. When I finish watching this piece of garage. I was glad it was over with. I also glad that it was with the on the DVD packs that comes with Newtype magazine and I glad I didn't buy the first DVD.

#2. Angel Cop. The sad thing about this anime is that it had a good plot point to start off with infighting within Japan goverment officals with people that have the power that be and just ran itself into the ground.

#3. Mirage of Blaze. Let's just the showed things in this anime you wouldn't see in most if not all rated R movies in the US.

#4. Betterman. More like Bettercrap. The ending in this one was really dumb.

#5. Blue Gender. I so sick and tried of animes that say the USA would be destroyed by the Blue in this anime and somehow people would still be alive in Japan. With their no military to speak of and no guns anywhere in site. Also the way people were acting on the space station. After watching them for a awhile you almost want the Blue to win. A mean all their morals were out the window. I would hope if mankind was about to die we wouldn't act like that.

#6. Super Duper Sumos. Doesn’t the name say it all.

#7. Super Milk-Chan Show . This one really gets me angry about is one is that Adult Swim starting showing this on their channel and I was thinking to myself that their are so many other comedies anime out their they could so that were much better than this. Like Azumanga Daioh, Excel Saga, His and Her Circumstances and Love Hina. Hell even the Fuccons would be a step up if just a small one. Fuccons is also right up Adult Swim alley.

#8. Final Fantasy Unlimited. I just love all these Final Fantasy anime shows that have nothing to do with Final Fantasy video games what so ever. Except for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

#9. Heat Guy J. The first five esp. were really good. It has to with these cops in the future named Daisuke Aurola and Heat Guy J a robot and it was cool for awhile. Then half-way though the show you fine out that their are only eight city cities left on earth and that their aliens that watch over the last remaining cities and I'm like WTF!!!!!!

#10. Street Fighter V the anime TV show. Don't mix this up with Street Fighter II the anime Movie. The first anime about street fighter and I say the best . Anyways back to the bad Street Fighter show. First of all when Ryu learns about the Fire ball he keep moving this hands for about 23 minutes in till he fires it. I mean come on. In another scene in the show when Chun Li put under a love spell by Vega. Which in it self is pretty stupid, but that not even the worst part. They keep showing her under spell by showing her face and then going to another part of the show and then she sitting in the same place again doing nothing and this goes on for about 6 more times and your like. O.k. we get it she under Vega spell. Their are so many parts like that in this anime you want to throw you T.V out the window.

You think by reading all this on hating anime that don't like, but it's the opposite of that. I love anime. I just don't like the bad ones.

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