Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check Mii out Channel for the Wii.

This is cool Channel for the Wii. You can post your Miis on this Channel.

Here are the Miis I made up to date.

5818-9646-7660. This is ok looking Casca from Berserk.

9217-5124-8588. This is Yukino Miyazawa From Kare Kano.

2766-7354-8188. The one and only Lupin the III.

1142-2146-2383. This is Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.

2618-9876-6222. 009-1.

6908-9283-9414. Akio Ohtori from Utena.

5170-3399-5370. Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo.

3719-0950-3263. Godai Yusaku from Maison Ikkoku.

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