Tuesday, November 27, 2007

About the two comic-cons I been to.

The first comic-con I when to was in Las Vegas. The Vegas comic-con was at the Mandalay Bay hotel. I very nice hotel. Me and brothers when to this con and told them I was going to buy anime DVDs and watching all the anime up the screening room and they can do anything their want to. That’s were a first saw a Which Hunter Robin and Cat Soup in that screening room. Their also had Q and A with people from Bandai, ADV, VIZ and Funimation in that room during the week has well. Bandai panel was pretty funny. One guy ask a question. I know Spike didn’t die at the end of Cowboy bebop were was the body. He seem to much into it when ask question also. The person was just Bandai marketing person how in the heck is she going to know the answer to that question. That was fun.

When it came time to the VIZ panel their had Richard Ian Cox on that panel. The voice of Inyasha. All the people in crowd keep asking Richard Ian Cox questions. I on the other hand ask the marketing people at VIZ about if their going to pick on the OVA to Maison Ikkoku : Robinson’s Island. I think thats what it was called. They had no idea. One lady ask Richard Ian Cox are you going to or have done any real acting jobs. I was thinking to my self that’s the problem with most people in the US. If it’s not live action it can’t real acting. After words I had Richard sign all my DVDs of Trouble Chocolate. That was really funny. Their also a guy in the audiences dress has Sailor Moon. That was something else. I also won the DVD box set/manga to Alien Nine and the first DVD to Scryed in a special box that came with a t-shirt that only people that own comic book shop get. That was really cool.

Their also had some Chinamation stuff their has well. I guess this is from company called PlayHut. I watch a one episode of the show called Little Monk. It was a ok show. The Episode I saw was about little Monk trying to save his race ball.

The sad about this con is that in when under after the first year. Their weren’t allot people their, but you have to give it time and let it grow. In a few years it could been on of the top five cons in western part of the United States. Oh well. Their now have Anime Vegas. That con happens ever sep. The con is located at Cash Man field. The home to minor league base ball team in las Vegas.

The other comic-con was the Phoenix Comicon. It was much smaller con. The highlight of the show was meeting Johnny Young Bosh. I had him sign allot of Stuff.

Their also had voice actor Greg Ayres and Christine M. Auten their has well. Greg Ayres seem shock when I had sign my DVDs to Diamond Daydreams. What a guy can’t have show like that.

I’m thinking about going to next years Phoenix Comicon. Their going to have Tim Russ and Walter Koenig their. The voice of Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager and Pavel Chekov from the old school version of Star Trek. I had a hard talking to Johnny Young Bosh. I don’t know if could even get a word out if I talked to Walter Koenig or Tim Russ.

Greg Ayres is going to be their again. Luci Christian and Michelle Ruff are coming to the con has well. They have a couple from Tokyopop going to this show. there are Armand Villavert Jr and Svetlana Chmakova.

I hope I get a chance to go this Jan.

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