Tuesday, October 30, 2007

College Football needs a playoff.

I would love a playoff system in college Football. This is how it should go. 32 team field. First place teams in each conf. get in automatically and then the rest of the team get in on RPI like they do in College Basketball. You have two number one seeds. A west and east bracket. The games start week after Thanksgiving and all the games are played at all the bowl games so that way all the bowl games well mean something. Double the BCS bowl games so that way all the quarter final, Semi final and Champiship games well happen in Rose, Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowl. You could play the first round game on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That would be four games a day. Then you have the second round games on Friday and Saturday. The third round games will be on Friday and Saturday. Fourth round would happen on Saturday. Then you have two week off in till the final game on Saturday and it can happen around middle of January.

You think college Football is king of sports here in United States now. Just do this and it well be king of sports in the good old U S of A. A network would make so much money off of this it's not even funny.

When it dose work it only works once every three years i.e. like USC VS Texas. I tired of always saying Ohio State VS. Florida were in the Championship game but what about Boise state. As I recall they were the only team that didn't lose last year and don't give me their were in a week conf. either. Having a prefect record is having prefect record period end of story.

The players can play another 5 games also. Just get rid of all the stupid Big 12, Sec, MWC Championship type game at the end of the year. Which by the way destroyed more teams chances to play the National Championship than it help and they do it for money anyways. So why not like make money on playoff system. At least that way well know who the real Champ is that end of the year. Another added bonus to this is that more teams in the regular season might take more chances and play teams that might lose to because one lost won't cost them in the season.

27 post season winners in College Football the way it is now!!! What the heck is this preschool garage. College Football should be like it is in every other sport in the United State. One winner and hole bunch of losers.

If that had this stupid system in College Basketball my favorite team wouldn't even won it only National Championship in 97. That team being the Arizona Wildcats. Their were the four seed that year.

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