Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dallas Cowboys are on the edge.

I don't about you but Cowboys better get it in gear and fast or their going to get upset in the second round in the playoffs. I mean I don't mind losing in a game that didn't matter at all to Dallas in the last game of the season, but it's the way they lost. 27 to 6. Give me a break. When Redskins were missing their star corner back we barely beat them at home a few week back but you flip it to now were Dallas missing Newman and we get are butts handed to us.

Don't give me that were was no T.O either. Dallas should have lost in the way they did. If they lost 20 to 27 I would be half is mad has I'm now. The one thing I can take with me is that Vikings lost Denver and wouldn't at all mattered what happen in the Cowboys VS Redskins.

Before today’s game I had Dallas chances to get to the Superbowl at 60%. Now is more like 35% if they play like that.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A cool video about the up coming game Street Fighter IV.

I thank Game Videos for this insite into Street Fighter IV game that they bring to the masses. I don't agree with them saying Soul Calibur is better fight game though. All in all it's a good video.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Games I think that should be on the Wii's Virtual Console from the NES Part one.

The Guardian Legend

This game is a very sweet game indeed. It was so cool to play game back then were you had ground level you had to pass get to the boss level and when you got to the boss level you turn into a 2-D space ship.

Wizards & Warriors

This was the first video game I play on a console that let you continte from point were you died in the game. Talk about cool stuff. I was also the first game that made me feel like I was a real knight.

The Magic of Scheherazade

This not only needs to be on the Virtual Console. It also needs to have a squeal! This is first video game on a console were you can have a small army of trolls to fight on you side for a price. Talk about sweet. I always got to the last boss in this game and I never beat that boss. It still piss me off to this day.

Metal Gear

The one that started it all. Metal Gear is my favorite collection of video games of all time. I would pay at least 800 points on the Wii Virtual Console for this game.

River City Ransom

It's all about beating people up. Getting cool power-ups and doing all this all in the art style of Super Dodge Ball to just protect your turf.


This is good video game. From the opening music. To gameplay and you also have cool weapon. Shield that can kill people like a killer yo-yo. When I see a game like God of War I alaways think of Rygar and think to myself what could have been.


This one is a no brainier. I'm all most shock that it's not on the Virtual Console.

That's it for now. I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Games I think should be on X-Box 360 Live Arcade.

X-Men VS. Street Fighter.

This game was so sweet to play in the Arcades back in the 1990's. I play this on my Sega Saturn has well. It was the first time that they put a strong fighting game that had a history like Street Fighter and comic book like X-men into a video game and combine them together and did it right.

DIGITAL PINBALL Last Gladiators.

Don't let the Intro fool you. This is a very good pinball game. You can pick up to four pinball tables and they are Gladiators (My favorite pinball table in this game by far) ,Knight Of The Roses (A very solid pinball table),Dragon Showdown (My least favorite pinball in this game) and Warlock . This game is so fun I would re-buy the Sega Saturn again just to play DIGITAL PINBALL Last Gladiators.

Mr. Do.

I do love this is old game, but it still allot of fun and it's always nice to see the monsters that are after Mr. Do to get theirs in the end by smashing them with an apple.

Karate Champ.

Now when you talk about early fighting video games in the history of video games then Karate Champ. is it. It's a very simple game to play. It's one of those that is easy to play but hard to master.

UN Squadron.

What can say. This game is one of the best 2-D plane games that are out their. You can between three different plots and planes. The game very gets to easy or to hard.

This last one is a shot in the dark and has no chance in hell of coming to X-Box 360 Live Arcade but put it on my list anyway.

Cliff Hanger.

This is game that's uses clips from a very famous anime person and famous movie. The person goes by the Lupin the III and the movie is The Castle Of Cagliostro. They just change the names around when the this game came to the United States.

I going to put more video game post about what classic games should go on the XBLA and Wii Virtual Consoles.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My favorite episodes of Paranoia Agent. Spoilers ahead.

I like this show for many reasons. Number one is the episode were that guy working for that animation studio and how he when though hell from his boss and how everyone start dropping like fly's and how Maromi talks about what happens in animation studio and what people do in that studio over their dead bodies. I also like when that guy gave video tape to the TV station were Maromi in that tape talking to that little kid telling him “To take a rest.” When you watch that in a normally cartoon you think nothing of it, but in a show like Paranoia Agent it has a all new meeting.

I also love the episode were the old ex-cop and retired robber were talk about how it use to talk about back in the day about life was seen though eye’s in terms of things that are in Black and White and their was no grey (Of course that the way you though it was and wasn‘t the case has well.) and he then end’s up in that every same world he always wanted to be in. Were everyone is 2-D and everything is black and white.

Great show overall. I just wish it had did better in the rating when it aired on Adult Swim. Heaven of bit we have a show on Adult Swim that make you think!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A review of Tenchi Universe.

To me this is what anime can and should be. It’s also allot easier to follow than Tenchi Muyo. Tenchi Muyo has allot of family with all the people in it and after that you have the new ova's to Tenchi Muyo and it can be a little much. Now you add all the people from Tenchi Muyo GXP. You can get really lost in all in it. I love Tenchi Muyo and took me awhile to get all the people in place and were the relate to Tenchi or not to Tenchi. Unlike Universe were it’s allot more streamline. Now let’s get into people are in Tenchi Universe.

It's start off with the last espiode first in first few minutes of the first Episode. Tenchi was talking to school thinking about all the Adventures he when though and then goes to the rest of the first episodes. Their you meet Ryoko and Mihoshi. Mihoshi is part of GXP and she is after Ryoko and their both crash land on plant earth. The space pirate Ryoko made Mihoshi look silly in that first episode. From that point forward Ayeka, a princess of Juri, Kiyone Mihoshi partner from GXP. Another reason why I like Universe over Muyo.) She not in Muyo. They give that name to Tenchi dead mother in Muyo. How dumb is that. Washu the Universe best mad science person. Sasami Ayeka little sister. She just a little girl and not fused with Tsunami the one of the three goddess of the universe in Tenchi Muyo. Now let’s get into a little bit of the story.

My favorite episodes of the show are Time and Space Adventures ones. Were Washu builds a machine that can’t make the reality of what you want. By the way all the girl in this show are all in love with Tenchi, expect for Kiyone. Of course Ryoko being the space pirate tries to seek Washu lab and used this machine to get what she wants, but has it turns out all the girls are their and they all mess with the machine and there are transported to different worlds. Expect of Washu. Into all these world made up of all the girls wishes and wants. One is a Ayeka world were they back in time of Japanese history were they had sho-guns run Japan. Another was Sasami world were she become at magical girl. That was perlute to Magic girl pretty Sammy. The last one is Ryoko world were Ryoko and Tenchi are bank robbers I.e. Bonnie and clyde. They even have allot of the 1920’s feel to it has well.

Another thing about the show is the music in it. The songs like Forevermore and Dimension of Love are really good. Just watch the last part of the when Tenchi walking to school and it’s so emotion for me. Love the show a hell of allot.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part Thirteen.

This is last part of the History Final Fantasy Saga. I personally love the earlier FF games. Not so much the newer games, but still it's one of the most important RPGs in video game history. If it wasn't for Final Fantasy they might not be has big has a RPG market here in the United States. This is by GameTrailers.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part twelve.

Here's part 12 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy. Bought to you by Gametrailers.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part Eleven.

Here's part 11 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy. Bought to you by Gametrailers.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Green Bay Packers showed me something tonight.

I have new respect for the Packers. To do what they did when they were down by 17 points and without Favre in Dallas. To get back in the game is really something. Can't wait when we play the Packers (Hopefully.)in the NFC champ. game when their at full strength. Same gose for the Cowboys for the roster has well.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

About the two comic-cons I been to.

The first comic-con I when to was in Las Vegas. The Vegas comic-con was at the Mandalay Bay hotel. I very nice hotel. Me and brothers when to this con and told them I was going to buy anime DVDs and watching all the anime up the screening room and they can do anything their want to. That’s were a first saw a Which Hunter Robin and Cat Soup in that screening room. Their also had Q and A with people from Bandai, ADV, VIZ and Funimation in that room during the week has well. Bandai panel was pretty funny. One guy ask a question. I know Spike didn’t die at the end of Cowboy bebop were was the body. He seem to much into it when ask question also. The person was just Bandai marketing person how in the heck is she going to know the answer to that question. That was fun.

When it came time to the VIZ panel their had Richard Ian Cox on that panel. The voice of Inyasha. All the people in crowd keep asking Richard Ian Cox questions. I on the other hand ask the marketing people at VIZ about if their going to pick on the OVA to Maison Ikkoku : Robinson’s Island. I think thats what it was called. They had no idea. One lady ask Richard Ian Cox are you going to or have done any real acting jobs. I was thinking to my self that’s the problem with most people in the US. If it’s not live action it can’t real acting. After words I had Richard sign all my DVDs of Trouble Chocolate. That was really funny. Their also a guy in the audiences dress has Sailor Moon. That was something else. I also won the DVD box set/manga to Alien Nine and the first DVD to Scryed in a special box that came with a t-shirt that only people that own comic book shop get. That was really cool.

Their also had some Chinamation stuff their has well. I guess this is from company called PlayHut. I watch a one episode of the show called Little Monk. It was a ok show. The Episode I saw was about little Monk trying to save his race ball.

The sad about this con is that in when under after the first year. Their weren’t allot people their, but you have to give it time and let it grow. In a few years it could been on of the top five cons in western part of the United States. Oh well. Their now have Anime Vegas. That con happens ever sep. The con is located at Cash Man field. The home to minor league base ball team in las Vegas.

The other comic-con was the Phoenix Comicon. It was much smaller con. The highlight of the show was meeting Johnny Young Bosh. I had him sign allot of Stuff.

Their also had voice actor Greg Ayres and Christine M. Auten their has well. Greg Ayres seem shock when I had sign my DVDs to Diamond Daydreams. What a guy can’t have show like that.

I’m thinking about going to next years Phoenix Comicon. Their going to have Tim Russ and Walter Koenig their. The voice of Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager and Pavel Chekov from the old school version of Star Trek. I had a hard talking to Johnny Young Bosh. I don’t know if could even get a word out if I talked to Walter Koenig or Tim Russ.

Greg Ayres is going to be their again. Luci Christian and Michelle Ruff are coming to the con has well. They have a couple from Tokyopop going to this show. there are Armand Villavert Jr and Svetlana Chmakova.

I hope I get a chance to go this Jan.

X-box 360 Holiday Buyer Guilde.

They talked about X-box 360 games you should buy this Holiday season for tyour love ones or maybe for yourself. By IGN.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part ten.

Here's part 10 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy. Bought to you by Gametrailers.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part nine.

Here's part 9 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy. Gametrailers Retrospectives on Final Fantasy.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part Eight.

Here's part 8 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy. By Game Trailers.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dallas Cowboys are 10-1.

Now that how a team that's 10-1 should play. Dallas Cowboys have never been 10-1 in their hole history. This is so Sweet. Bring on Green Bay next week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part Seven.

You know the Drill by now. Game Trailers. Here's part 7 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My top ten worst animes.

Now let do the worst anime list. Warning some spoilers in this.

Heres mine 1 though 10.

#1. Mazinkaiser. When I finish watching this piece of garage. I was glad it was over with. I also glad that it was with the on the DVD packs that comes with Newtype magazine and I glad I didn't buy the first DVD.

#2. Angel Cop. The sad thing about this anime is that it had a good plot point to start off with infighting within Japan goverment officals with people that have the power that be and just ran itself into the ground.

#3. Mirage of Blaze. Let's just the showed things in this anime you wouldn't see in most if not all rated R movies in the US.

#4. Betterman. More like Bettercrap. The ending in this one was really dumb.

#5. Blue Gender. I so sick and tried of animes that say the USA would be destroyed by the Blue in this anime and somehow people would still be alive in Japan. With their no military to speak of and no guns anywhere in site. Also the way people were acting on the space station. After watching them for a awhile you almost want the Blue to win. A mean all their morals were out the window. I would hope if mankind was about to die we wouldn't act like that.

#6. Super Duper Sumos. Doesn’t the name say it all.

#7. Super Milk-Chan Show . This one really gets me angry about is one is that Adult Swim starting showing this on their channel and I was thinking to myself that their are so many other comedies anime out their they could so that were much better than this. Like Azumanga Daioh, Excel Saga, His and Her Circumstances and Love Hina. Hell even the Fuccons would be a step up if just a small one. Fuccons is also right up Adult Swim alley.

#8. Final Fantasy Unlimited. I just love all these Final Fantasy anime shows that have nothing to do with Final Fantasy video games what so ever. Except for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

#9. Heat Guy J. The first five esp. were really good. It has to with these cops in the future named Daisuke Aurola and Heat Guy J a robot and it was cool for awhile. Then half-way though the show you fine out that their are only eight city cities left on earth and that their aliens that watch over the last remaining cities and I'm like WTF!!!!!!

#10. Street Fighter V the anime TV show. Don't mix this up with Street Fighter II the anime Movie. The first anime about street fighter and I say the best . Anyways back to the bad Street Fighter show. First of all when Ryu learns about the Fire ball he keep moving this hands for about 23 minutes in till he fires it. I mean come on. In another scene in the show when Chun Li put under a love spell by Vega. Which in it self is pretty stupid, but that not even the worst part. They keep showing her under spell by showing her face and then going to another part of the show and then she sitting in the same place again doing nothing and this goes on for about 6 more times and your like. O.k. we get it she under Vega spell. Their are so many parts like that in this anime you want to throw you T.V out the window.

You think by reading all this on hating anime that don't like, but it's the opposite of that. I love anime. I just don't like the bad ones.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New England Patriots need to be careful.

If Patriots keep going for in out four down and their up by 5 or more scores in second half I think someone on the D side sooner or later is going to take cheap shot on Tom Brady and try to hurt Tom Brady. All because Belichick ego. I hope that doesn't happen but these guys are men and guys in pro sports don't like being showed up. This isn't NEB back in back 10 years ago. I like Tom Brady personally. I don't like Belichick at all. I starting not likening him after what he did to Bill Parcells and the hole New York Jets coaching thing that happen awhile back.

Thank Goodness that Dallas won.

Dallas D is going to have play a hell allot better if Dallas wants to get to Arizona at the end of the year. Romo is going to smash the Dallas record for most TD passes in a season. Now it time to get ready for the Jets. Romo is a good QB I don't care what anyone else says.

Also the Center (Andre Gurode.) of Dallas is going to have to work on the snap when Dallas is in the shot-gun.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part six.

This is from Game trailers. Here's part 5 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part five.

Again bought to you by Game Trailers. Here's part 5 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy.

ScrewAttack top 10 PS3 Exclusives.

Bought to you by ScrewAttack. All I have to say is list is really funny list and when the X-box 360 was out for about a year they had good to great games. Here are some of those games that were on the 10 ten X-box 360 list Exclusives for that year. Some of these were on the PS2 that year, but do you really want a game on the last-gen system or the next-gen system. In no particular order.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent.

Dead or Alive 4.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

Call of Duty 2.

Dead Rising.

Ninety-Nine Nights.

Saints Row.

Enchanted Arms.

Perfect Dark Zero.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check Mii out Channel for the Wii.

This is cool Channel for the Wii. You can post your Miis on this Channel.

Here are the Miis I made up to date.

5818-9646-7660. This is ok looking Casca from Berserk.

9217-5124-8588. This is Yukino Miyazawa From Kare Kano.

2766-7354-8188. The one and only Lupin the III.

1142-2146-2383. This is Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.

2618-9876-6222. 009-1.

6908-9283-9414. Akio Ohtori from Utena.

5170-3399-5370. Tenchi from Tenchi Muyo.

3719-0950-3263. Godai Yusaku from Maison Ikkoku.

The History of Final Fantasy. Part four.

Again bought to you by Game Trailers. Here's part 4 of 13 part story of Final Fantasy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part three.

Bought to you by Game Trailers. Here's part 3 of a 13 part story of Final Fantasy.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dallas has control of the NFC East.

Dallas is now in good spot to go now and try to get the one seed in the NFC. Their are people like Skip Bayless from ESPN. He say something like on Mondays TV show 1 and 10. He say It' s Giants fault for not going this and not going that. It can't because Dallas is a good team. Then here will bring up the Green Bay game that Dallas win play in Dallas in a couple of weeks and he will say just wait and see when Green Bay kill Dallas in that game. What a jerk. All I have to say how about them Cowboys. I hope they go to the Superbowl. That would be so sweet.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A quick review of some my favorite podcasts.

Well some Anime Podcast are that hard to follow and some are not. I’ll break down the anime podcasts that I enjoy week in and week out that are listed on my blog.

Anime Pacific. This anime podcast has two guys run the show. One of them lives in HK China Dane and the other move back to Canada and his name is Alex, but Alex did live in Japan for a few years and Dane was born in the land down under. They talked about anime, but mostly about what happening in HK and other Asia Pacific stuff. I do have to warn you though the jokes that they do on the podcasts are sometimes 17+ to 18+ realm. It's all in good fun though.

ANIME WORLD ORDER PODCAST. These people know the ends and outs of anime. They know most of the people who made the anime they review and voice work they did from Japan! This one not for the middle of the road Otaku. Their a really good podcast though.
Their are three people that do this podcast. Two guys and a women that go by the name of Gerald, Clarissa and Daryl. They know their stuff. The main person show name is Daryl Surat. Sometimes they do reviews of some Yaoi or Hentai, but that's not to often.

Fast Karate for the Gentleman. Two the run show are Dave and Joel. A fun podcast that allot of funny jokes about the anime their watch. They also do jokes on TV shows, Movies and video games. This one real easy of podcast to get into.

Anime Pulse. This podcast is ok anime podcast. It's run by the two guy that go by the name of Ichigo and Batou. Ichigo really good at doing reviews but Batou always butts in ever time Ichigo is talking. That can get on your nerves after awhile. It's not bad podcat beside what I just said. They even talk about Bleach and one piece allot if your into that kind of anime.

Anime Round Table and Review. This podcast is really cool. They do a live show every Sunday. What also cool about this podcast is that you chat with them on your computer has their doing the show on

The Anime Roundtable. This is all Canadian podcast that mostly talked about anime. They also the official podcast of Anime North. It's nice to get anime perspective from another country. Also nice sounding voices in this podcast. They don't have one bad sounding voice in their podcast that allot of other podcast seem to have.

Friday, November 9, 2007

This is about College Hoops 2k8.

I hope one of t hose 90 classic teams they added in College Hoops 2K8 are the 2001 Arizona Wildcat team. I know they lost to Duke in the title game, but that team was the best Arizona wildcat team I have ever seen. period. Even better than the 1997, 2003, 1988, 1994 and 2005 teams. Here's the starting line-up for that 2001 team.
PF=Michael Wright.

SF=Richard Jefferson.

C=Loren Woods.

SG=Gilbert Arenas.

PG=Jason Gardner.

Now the back ups.

Luke Walton.

Rick Anderson.

Are you kidding me. What a team. I would love to play this team on College Hoops 2K8. I'll buy the game if that have this team in it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy. Part two.

Bought to you by Game Trailers. Here's part 2 of a 13 part story of Final Fantasy.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The History of Final Fantasy.

Bought to you by Game Trailers. This is really good history of Final Fantasy saga. Here's is part one of this 13 part story.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

This is not good.

STAT not playing tonight vs. Cavs because of Knee problems. This is not good. If he can't play this season you can kiss the Suns title hopes goodbye. I have the feeling I'm looking at another Suns player that love see play but was always hurt. The player I talking about is KJ.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

What happen to Suns last year.

The Suns started last season 1-5. So I don't think the Suns have anything to worry about. Their bounce back from the lost to LA Lakers. I like how Spurs fans talked about about whining and crying the Suns fan did in last year playoff. We all know that Tim Duncan is the biggest cry baby in NBA. Every time he under the paint to try to he thinks he being fouled. I like Tim Duncan more off the court (He’s a great person and perfect role model of how NBA player should act like.) than I do on it.

Another thing if Kurt Thomas hip check Tim Duncan like that in last year playoffs and Tony Parker got off the bench to help this teammate and it cost you a chance to win another NBA title you would be just has mad has us Suns are about what happen in last years playoffs.

Friday, November 2, 2007

New long Fight.

I fight between my to younger brothers. SNK VS. Capcom style.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Manga: Sixty Years Of Japanese comics.

This book called Manga: Sixty Years Of Japanese comics by Paul Gravett. The first part of the book they have the hole timeline to manga, anime and events in Japan and how it effected had in Japan and around the world from 1945-2004. Here’s the timeline.

1945: Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki lead to Japan’s surrender in World War II and American occupation. Manga, first post-war cartoon magazine, resumes publication.

1946: New constitution. Sazae-san newspaper strip.

1947: Shin-Takarijima or ‘New Treasure Island’ by Sakai Shichima and Osamu Tezuka published in Osaka, the first original manga in the akabon or ‘red-book’ format and a bestseller. Manga Shonen, founded by Kenichi Kotah, publishes new ’story manga’ artists.

1948: New children’s magazines launched. News censorship ends.

1949: Princess Beanjam.

1950: Tezuka moves to Tokyo and draws Jungle Tatei or ’Kimba the White Lion’ in Manga Shonen, first ’story manga’ serialized in a manga magazine. Korean War starts.

1951: Us-Japan Security Treaty signed.

1952: End of American occupation of Japan. Tezuka’s Astro Boy was serialized in Shonen magazine. Igaguri-kun jodo strip.

1953: Princess Knight in Shojo Club, start of story manga in girls’ magazines. NHK begins broadcasting-but to only 866 TV sets.

1954: Akado Suzunosuke, about a great swordsman who wears a red suit of armour, later adapted into films, radio and TV. Nakayoshi for girls.

1955: Debut of Shotaro Ishinomori in Manga Shonen. Ribon and Nakayoshi monthlies for girls.

1956: Giant robot Tetsujin 28 go aka ‘Gigantor’ by Mitsuteri Yokoyama. Yoshihiro Tatsumi and others set up Kage (’Shadow’) magazine for the rental-library market.

1957: Tatsumi coins the term gekiga for dramatic pictures.

1958: US TV show Superman scores 74.2% ratings in Japan.

1959: First boys’ weeklies Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine. Ninja Bugeicho by Shirato. 9 new TV networks begin. Wedding of Crown Prince.

1961: Tezuka sets up animation company Mushi Productions.

1963: Tetsuwan Atom (’Mighty Atom’) by Osamu Tezuka is Japan’s first animated television series with regular characters. Screened as Astro Boy in US. Margaret for girls, Shonen King for boys.

1964: Garo and Cyborg 009. Tokyo Olympics.

1965: Jungle Taitei (‘Jungle Emperor’) by Osamu Tezuka becomes Japan’s first colour animated TV series.

1966: Star of the Giants baseball hit. Omiya Cartoon Art. Museum opens on site of Rakuten Kitazawa’s home. Shonen Magazine reaches 1 million copies.

1967: Manga Action, Young and COM. The Genius Bakabon. 10 August, Lupin III debuts.

1968: Weekly Shonen Jump and Big Comic. Nejishiki by Yoshiharu Tsuge in Garo. Tommorrow’s Joe and Shameless school.

1969: Golgo 13.

1970: Public funeral held for Tori Rikiishi, a character killed in Tommorrow’s Joe. Doraemon and Lone Wolf and Cub.

1972: Mazinger Z, Devilman and Buddha. Rose of Versailles and Poe Clan revolutionize girl’s comics. Big Comic Original.

1973: Black Jack and Barefoot Gen. Manga Erotopia, first erotic gekiga monthly.

1974: Yamagami Tatsuhiko’s crazy comedy GakI Deka (’Boy Detective’) creates a stir for it’s sexual themes. Space Cruiser Yamato, released as Star Blazers in the US in 1979.

1975: Princess and Flowers and Dreams for girls. Yumiko Lgarashi and Kyoko Mizuki’s Candy Candy in Nakayoshi becomes a big hit.

1976: Penguin Food Passion by Terry Johnson and Itoi Shigesato, start of heta-uma or ‘unskilled/skilled’ punk style. Comiket, new fanzine market, begins in Tokyo. Galaxy Express 999 and Mask of Glass. Poem of Wind and Trees establishes ‘boys’ love’ genre.

1977: Leiji Matsumoto’s Captain Harlock. CoroCoro, for young boys, stars Doraemon. Kindai Mahjong Original, first mahjong manga magazine.

1978: June, first ‘boys love’ magazine. Urusei Yatsura, aka Lum, by Rumiko Takahashi. Contemporary Manga Library: Naiki Collection opens in Tokyo. First English-language volume of Barefoot Gen by Keiji Nakazawa published in the US.

1979: Young Jump. Le Cri Qui Tue, first manga translations into French.

1980: Be in Love, first ‘ladies’ comic‘. Big Comic Spirits. Top 5 boys’ weeklies reach 10 million copies.

1982: Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo released as a manga. Nausicaa and Captain Tsubasa. Morning Magazine for men.

1983: Section Chief Kosaku Shima and Fist of the North Star. Black Magic, Masamune Shirow’s dojinshi debut. Manga! Manga! By Frederik L. Schodt, landmark US study.

1984:Comic Baku and Combat Comic. Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. Suehiro Maruo’s Mr. Arashi’s Freakshow.

1985: Banana Fish and City Hunter.

1986: Japan Inc. bestseller. Explains economics. Dragon Ball animated.

1987: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Crying Freeman. Big Comic Superior and afternoon for men. May: Lone and Cub starts translation in US.

1988: Animated Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo released. Akira manga in English and ‘colorized’ from marvel Comics. Shonen Jump’s sales leap over 5 million copies.

1989: Deaths of Osamu Tezuka, Suiho Tagawa and the Emperor. Akira published across Europe. The Silent Service political thriller.

1990: R.G. Veda by Clamp and Slam Dunk. Comic Amour, erotic ‘ladies’ comic’ magazine. A-ha, art manga sponsored by Esso Petroleum. Tezuka retrospective exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

1991: Gon, Gunsmith Cats and Ghost in the Shell. First pachinko manga magazines. Great Manga Exhibition at National Diet library, Tokyo. Radical Boredom manga exhibit at Pomeroy Purdey, London.

1992: Big Comic Gold. Visions of the Floating World exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco. Sailor Moon.

1993: Yan Mama Comic, manga of young mothers.

1994: Detective Conan. Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum opens in Takarazuka. Shonen Jump sells 6.53 million copies, record figure.

1995: Manga book and magazine sales peak at over 2.3 billion copies. Evangelion manga and anime. Ghost in the Shell.

1996: Yu-Gi-oh! Us publishers TokyoPop founded.

1997: One Piece and Pokemon.

1998: AX magazine, Vagabond and Love Hina. Chains of Manga cafes open.

2000: Kyoto Seika University creates first department of comic art.

2002: 2.6 million copies of One Piece voloume, record first-edition print run. Shigeru Sugiura dies. December 18: Raijin, first US manga weekly.

2003: April 7, Astro Boy awakes! Shonen Jump US monthly. Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away wins Oscar for best Animated Film. Jiro Taniguchi wins awards at France’s Angouleme Festival.

2004: January 13, Misshitsu pornographic manga ruled obscene.

Who says that the super hero stuff doesn’t do well in Japan. It did on TV in Japan in 1958 at least.

Anime on the X-box 360 Marketplace.

The only problem I see about the anime movies is that their price point is to 240 points to 320 points and you can only keep the anime movies for a 24 hour period. Also all the Manga titles have 320 points for some of their shows. That's not cool.

Ghost in the Shell.

Desert punk.

Speed Grapher.


The Galaxy Railways.

Gankutsuou-The Count of Monte Cristo.


Gun Sword.

Gunslinger Girl.


Last Exile.

Lupin the III TV show. The Red Jacket Lupin show.

Rumbling Hearts.

Saiyuki. Samurai 7.

Trinity Blood.

Kiddy Grade.

Akira. Which the have in HD.

Lady Death.

The Place Promised in our Early Days.



Street Fighter II V.


Astro Boy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloween time folks.

This video is from Sly Dog Studios. A good old school NES tips to beat the game called Castlevania.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

College Football needs a playoff.

I would love a playoff system in college Football. This is how it should go. 32 team field. First place teams in each conf. get in automatically and then the rest of the team get in on RPI like they do in College Basketball. You have two number one seeds. A west and east bracket. The games start week after Thanksgiving and all the games are played at all the bowl games so that way all the bowl games well mean something. Double the BCS bowl games so that way all the quarter final, Semi final and Champiship games well happen in Rose, Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowl. You could play the first round game on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That would be four games a day. Then you have the second round games on Friday and Saturday. The third round games will be on Friday and Saturday. Fourth round would happen on Saturday. Then you have two week off in till the final game on Saturday and it can happen around middle of January.

You think college Football is king of sports here in United States now. Just do this and it well be king of sports in the good old U S of A. A network would make so much money off of this it's not even funny.

When it dose work it only works once every three years i.e. like USC VS Texas. I tired of always saying Ohio State VS. Florida were in the Championship game but what about Boise state. As I recall they were the only team that didn't lose last year and don't give me their were in a week conf. either. Having a prefect record is having prefect record period end of story.

The players can play another 5 games also. Just get rid of all the stupid Big 12, Sec, MWC Championship type game at the end of the year. Which by the way destroyed more teams chances to play the National Championship than it help and they do it for money anyways. So why not like make money on playoff system. At least that way well know who the real Champ is that end of the year. Another added bonus to this is that more teams in the regular season might take more chances and play teams that might lose to because one lost won't cost them in the season.

27 post season winners in College Football the way it is now!!! What the heck is this preschool garage. College Football should be like it is in every other sport in the United State. One winner and hole bunch of losers.

If that had this stupid system in College Basketball my favorite team wouldn't even won it only National Championship in 97. That team being the Arizona Wildcats. Their were the four seed that year.

The opening to Voltron.

This was part of my Childhood. This video is from the official Voltron website.

My feelings on the up coming NBA season.

I'm a Phoenix Suns fan. I though put that out their, now back to my MVP and finals picks. I think the MVP well go to Kevin Garnett. I think the move to Boston well make him play at level he hasn't seen in quite a while. The Two finals teams are Phoenix suns (Baring what happens with STATS knee problems and if Grant Hill can stay healthly though out the hole year.) and Boston. If those don't happen for the Suns then it's going to be the Spurs again.
Just like the Suns did in the 1976 NBA Finals VS Boston. This time though the right team will win.